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RACE Participate in: A method of job Participate in through which the contributors presume the roles of people of various races, usually inside a placing through which the participant's race is pertinent to the ability dynamic (as, one example is, a type of role Participate in where a single man or woman assumes the position of the Southern plantation proprietor and one particular particular person assumes the job of an African slave).

EXHIBITIONISM: The act of partaking in exhibitionistic conduct, including sexual behavior, for your sexual gratification of the individual staying viewed.

SUTURE PLAY: The follow of temporarily suturing or sewing areas of your body, significantly the genitals, for sexual gratification. Types of suturing consist of sewing the labia closed and sewing the foreskin from the flaccid penis to your scrotum See connected

KEYHOLDER: Someone who has the keys to some chastity belt and decides when, how often, and under what circumstances that person could be unveiled within the chastity belt, while in the context of chastity Enjoy.

CAT: Colloquial; from cat o' nine tails: A generic phrase for just about any flogger whose lashes are braided or knotted, whatever the amount of lashes. Commentary:

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SADIST: A single that is aroused, enthusiastic, or receives sexual gratification from inflicting agony on An additional. Contrast

also, IMPREGNATION FETISH: A variety of sexual expression centered all around a fixtion on impregnating a girl, which may also include things like fixation on other issues Typically associated with pregnancy or childbirth, such as lactation or even the Actual physical adjustments in your body that accompany pregnancy.

BALL HOOD: A specific kind of hood, typically without the need of openings with the eyes or ears and sometimes that contains integrated bladders meant to be inflated with air to press the hood tightly in opposition to The pinnacle, utilised as a method of rendering an individual not able to hear, see, or discuss.

Cock and ball torture (CBT) or penis torture is a sexual exercise involving software of suffering or constriction on the male genitals. This will include immediately agonizing pursuits, for instance genital piercing,

STOCK: A tool employed for bondage consisting of a vertical wood put up or simply a wooden frame atop that's established two hefty Wooden planks which near all over someone's neck and wrists.

SISSY: A male submissive subject matter to feminization, as by being designed to have on Ladies's clothes, act like a woman in social options, etc.

RIBBON CORSET, WAIST CORSET: A certain type of corset that's shorter than the usual full corset and wraps round the wearer's waist.

ANAL HOOK; also, BUTT HOOK: A smooth, blunt metal hook, usually about an inch thick and 6 inches lengthy, with a little loop on one finish. The shorter aspect of the hook is inserted in the anus, and a rope tied on the loop on the other conclude can be tied to an overhead fixture to power the wearer to kneel with her or his butt in read the full info here the air, or might be secured into the wrists to bind the wearer's hands. Some anal hooks inclide a ball on the tip that is inserted.

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